About Me

Hi, I’m Laura and I live in Talkeetna, Alaska. After years of making mittens from recycled sweaters I wanted to make other cold weather gear using wool, insulation and fleece. Factor in a perpetually cold derriere … along with my love of recycling and sewing, and Glacier Glam Skirts were born. I took an insulated jacket and paired that with an old sweater… after a lot of figuring, cutting, sewing and adjustments my inexpensive, warm, recycled snow skirt took shape. Now you can enjoy fashion, function and warmth with your very own Glacier Glam skirt.


I am continually redefining the skirts, making new designs from old fabrics and still use 100% wool felted sweaters. I also use both recycled insulation and new insulation and fleece fabrics. I also make scarves, potholders, cell phone cozies…. basically anything that keeps things warm.

My skirts are available directly through me in Talkeetna Alaska. Occasionally I am at craft fairs in Alaska. Due to the custom nature of each skirt I am currently not selling these online. Please go to the Shop page to see examples of the skirts. You can Contact Me for more information about how to get your Glacier Glam snow skirt.